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La Chandra Pharmalab is a cGMP-compliant company focused on the manufacturing of niche Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), in particular Hormones. Our manufacturing is done as per international regulatory guidelines under strict quality control and oversight.

Our team has decades-long experience in Pharmaceutical APIs internationally which allows us to stay on top of the game in an ever-evolving industry with core scientific strength, a deep insight into the sunrise technologies for API development, and evolving regulatory requirements combined with our outreach in the international market, La Chandra offers unique partnership opportunities to Pharmaceutical formulation companies the world over.

We Are Trusted By Leading Companies

La Chandra Pharmaceutical stands as a steadfast pillar of trust in the pharmaceutical landscape, earning the unwavering confidence of leading companies worldwide. For over two decades, our commitment to groundbreaking research, exceptional quality, and unwavering integrity has solidified our position as the preferred partner for pharmaceutical solutions.

With an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge medications, we have consistently delivered transformative therapies that enhance lives and drive industry advancements. Our collaborative approach fosters enduring partnerships, empowering us to tailor bespoke solutions that precisely address the unique needs of each esteemed client.

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La Chandra Pharmalab


Our facility designed as per the latest international standards is spread over 10000 sq meters, with dedicated blocks for Production, Quality control, R & D....

La Chandra Pharmalab

Quality Control

Stringent Quality control is a cornerstone of our operations and La Chandra has a well-equipped QC lab with fully validated QC equipment and operations.

La Chandra Pharmalab


La Chandra operates a dedicated Research and Development facility focused on process R&D for both our in-house pipeline and as a stand-alone service to customers.

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Choose La Chandra Pharmaceutical for unparalleled medical innovation, where cutting-edge research meets unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring your health is in trusted hands. Experience a legacy of excellence as we prioritize your well-being through precision, compassion, and a global reputation for transformative care.

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